Space potatoes

In the early 90s, an experiment conducted by NASA together with the University of Wisconsin led to growing potatoes in space.

#zerowaste: 4 ideas for reusing mashed potato

What would Christmas be like without mash? But above all, what would Christmas be like without any leftovers? In fact, we often go a little over the top with how much we need at festive lunches and dinners. But don’t worry, here are 4 ways to turn leftover mash into the star of the show!

#zerowaste: how to reuse potato peels

Many people think that potato peels are just food scraps to be thrown in the bin. But they can actually be reused in various ways, in the kitchen and elsewhere, avoiding any unnecessary waste. Here are our suggestions to get the most out of them.

How to cook potatoes while saving energy

With rising energy costs weighing more and more on gas and electricity bills, cutting down on wasting energy in the kitchen has become a highly topical issue. Here are our suggestions on how to cook potatoes while keeping energy consumption down.

Summer: seasonal vegetables

Eating the right amount of vegetables every day is very important, particularly in summer, when a balanced meal can help us to replenish our vitamins and minerals. Here are a few vegetables to eat during summer.

Which types of potatoes to use for cooking

Every variety of potato has characteristics - like the colour of its skin and the texture of its flesh - and organoleptic properties that make it particularly suitable for certain dishes. How do you choose the best ones for each recipe?

How to grow onions

One of the real stars of our recipes, onions are an almost essential vegetable and very easy to grow in your vegetable garden. Let’s find out how.

Spring: seasonal vegetables

With April comes spring, and a wide variety of vegetables return to our dinner tables. Here are a few seasonal vegetables that will add an extra special touch to your recipes.

Is eating raw potatoes bad for you?

Great for making many delicious recipes, potatoes are also a very interesting food from a nutritional point of view. One of the most talked-about theories is that eating raw potatoes is bad for you. Let’s find out more.

The role of potatoes in a healthy diet

Who’s scared of carbohydrates? Probably many people… but we often forget that they are not all the same. Talking about potatoes, we need to consider that, alongside carbohydrates, they contain many precious nutrients and can be a good way to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Let’s find out more.

The colours of well-being

Five portions of fruit and vegetables a day are the recommended amount for a healthy, balanced diet, and it’s even better if you work out your choice based on the specific characteristics of each food.

Summer: five anti-heat fruits

If you think that only a dip in the sea or a swimming pool can save you from the sultry summer heat, think again! Here are five fruits that guarantee hydration and freshness when the heat starts to feel overpowering.

Delicious and healthy onions

We all know how important onions are for cooking, but their many beneficial properties are less well-known, from their anti-hypertensive and diuretic qualities to protecting the cardiovascular system.

May: fruit and vegetables of the month

It’s time we updated our recipes for the delights from our vegetable gardens at this time of year, with summer around the corner. These delights announce the typical burst of tastes and colours that come with summer fruit and vegetables.

The underground vegetable garden: discovering tubers

On the surface, basking in the sunshine, grows a vegetable garden full of tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines and many other delicious fruit and vegetables. But hidden under a layer of soil lies a vegetable garden of so many delights that become the main ingredients in plenty of recipes every day.

Fruit and vegetables: what to sow in March?

The month when we welcome in spring is one of the most important for looking after our vegetable gardens and, in particular, for starting to sow crops. In fact, even though it is still rather unreliable, the March climate is particularly favourable for sowing certain incredibly delicious vegetables that you can eat over the next few months. 

March: fruit and vegetables of the month

Sitting between winter and spring, this month announces the arrival of the good weather, partly thanks to the many delicious fruit and vegetables that brighten up our dinner tables at this time of year. Let’s have a look at a few examples.

Four benefits of orange fruit and vegetables

Regularly eating fruit and vegetables, preferably while paying attention to which products are in season, is important for helping keep your body healthy. But not all fruit and vegetables are the same and, among their various differences, you can divide them based on their colour, which corresponds to specific features.

Epiphany: traditional dishes

Epiphany, the celebration which brings the Christmas period to a close, is characterised by a rich culinary tradition which is deeply rooted in various regions from the North to the South of Italy. Let’s discover a few typical dishes of this celebration.

Soil: a vital resource for biodiversity

“Soil is one of humanity’s most precious assets. It allows plants, animals and man to live on the Earth’s surface”. This is the opening definition of the European Soil Charter, drafted in 1972 by the Council of Europe, a description which sums up the priceless value of this natural resource, a wealth of biodiversity.

The benefits of the Mediterranean diet

From 23 to 29 November 2020, we are celebrating the fifth Week of Italian Cuisine in the World (Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo). The star of this edition is the Mediterranean diet post-COVID, which is seen as the best diet to stay healthy and stop yourself from getting ill.

Plants and trees: why is it so important to protect them?

They add colour to the countryside, cool down city streets in the summer and tackle air pollution. Trees and green spaces are a priceless asset in various respects and, to celebrate how important they are, in 2013 the Italian Ministry of the Environment established National Tree Day (Giornata Nazionale degli Alberi), which is celebrated on 21 November.

Food waste: 6 tips to reduce it

Have you ever wondered how much food ends up in the bin every year? According to a Coldiretti-Ixè survey, food waste in Italian homes comes to a total of about 36 kg a year per person, worth €4.91 a week per household.

The beautiful season: 5 tips to beat tiredness

While getting up in the morning is often a struggle for many of us, it can be even worse at this time of year. In fact, the beautiful season brings with it warm sunshine but also “spring sickness”, when we generally feel tired and drowsy, and have problems sleeping and concentrating.

A sedentary lifestyle: a few tips to stay in shape

The weeks of lockdown are a good chance to spend time on your hobbies and discover new ones, to look after your body and home, but they also require a more sedentary lifestyle. We’re here to the rescue with a few suggestions to stay in shape and improve your mood.

In search of underground vegetables

Hidden under a layer of soil, sheltered from sunlight, grow several products that we use every day to make many delicious recipes. Let’s go in search of a few delights from this underground vegetable garden.

Spring: seasonal fruit and vegetables

Sunny days, mild temperatures and trees in bloom herald that spring is here. Even though at the moment you can only enjoy these fine days by looking out of the window, certain typical vegetables of this time of year remind us that this beautiful season is here. Let’s have a look at a few examples.

A journey through Italian regions to discover their typical potatoes

There are many different varieties of potato, one of the most famous and best-loved tubers in the world, which come in various flavours, shapes, skin and flesh colours, sizes and textures. Potato growing in Italy boasts small-scale production, often unknown to the general public, with its cultivation rooted in local agricultural traditions.

Italy’s best-loved recipes for Carnival

Just like for many other festivities, every Italian region also has its own recipes to bring to the dinner table for Carnival. These dishes, primarily desserts, have traditional roots and, in most cases, are fried. Here are the most famous ones.

The features and benefits of purple potatoes

Alongside the more traditional yellow and white potato varieties, delicious and colourful purple potatoes are becoming increasingly common in fruit and vegetable aisles. Originally from South America, this variety is now widely grown in many countries around the world. 

Onions: each variety has its own recipe

You’re surely accustomed to using onions to make many different recipes, but are you sure you’re always choosing the right variety? Red, yellow, white, spring onions and shallots, here’s how to choose the right onion!

4 sweet ideas for Halloween

Perhaps not everyone knows that Halloween dates back to a pre-Christian Celtic festival, when on 31 October people celebrated the end of summer and the arrival of the cold season.

Chips: 6 tricks to make them crispy

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, chips are loved the world over and by people of all ages. However, if you make certain mistakes when making them, it might spoil their flavour and texture.

June: fruit and vegetables of the month

With summer just around the corner, our vegetable gardens are blooming with new fruits and colours, making our food more varied, fresh, and fun! Let’s find out together which fruit and vegetables we’ll be feasting on in June.

Potato juice: its unexpected benefits

The properties of potatoes never cease to amaze us! Invaluable and versatile in the kitchen, these tubers are also admired for the goodness found in their juice, which is rich in nutrients and can be used for many things. Let's take a look at some of them.

What kind of vegetable garden has no bees?

World Bee Day is celebrated on 20th May: this day was established in 2018 by the United Nations on the anniversary of the birth of Anton Jana, a pioneer of modern-day beekeeping, to make people more aware about the importance of bees for protecting biodiversity.

4 anti-waste ideas for recycling even at dinnertime

Cooking a lot of food is not always synonymous with waste. From an organisational perspective, it can help you save a great amount of time in the kitchen – as long as you know how to manage any leftover food. Take a look at these 4 creative recipes for cleverly reusing any excess food.

All the benefits of blue fruit and vegetables

As we all know, it is important to eat a varied and balanced diet, consume seasonal products, and exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. But fruit and vegetables have not been created equally; every colour comes with its own special benefits.
Let’s find out more about the fruit and vegetables that are blue or purple in colour.

Vegetables: 4 tricks to get the best out of them

Vegetables are an important source of vitamins, minerals and other useful nutrients for the body. To stop losing most of their nutrients during cooking, it’s important to know the best way of preparing them. Here are 4 practical tips to preserve these properties.