Marzo - frutta e verdura del mese

March: fruit and vegetables of the month

With the arrival of spring, seasonal fruit and vegetables have to feature on our dinner tables. Here is our selection for March.

bergamotto blogAgretti. Harvested in spring, its name comes from its sharp, slightly bitter flavour (agro means sour in Italian). This plant has a wooden stem and branches from which the edible leaves shoot, grouped together into little tufts. They are very thin, almost tubular like chives, dark green in colour and elongated. To eat agretti, just steam or boil them. They will soften in just a few minutes, while still keeping their slightly crunchy texture. Once lightly cooked, they can be seasoned with oil and lemon juice, serving them hot, warm or cold. Alternatively, they can be sautéed in a pan with garlic, oil and chilli pepper.

Asparagus. Originally from Asia, asparagus is fully ripe in spring. It is divided into two categories: cultivated and wild. The roots produce spears, or shoots, which are the tips of the asparagus, as well as the edible part. The best-known asparagus is green, but there is also white and purple asparagus. It is best to eat it raw, cutting it into slices and seasoning it with oil, salt and lemon or adding it to salad. To eat it cooked, the best thing is to steam it for a few minutes. It is also excellent in risotto or in the classic pairing with eggs.

Bananas. Available all year round, this fruit becomes even sweeter in March. Its main benefits include its high mineral and fibre content. Bananas are a complete fruit, perfect for adults and children: in particular, they can help athletes recover after training. They can be eaten raw, in very fresh pressed juices or smoothies, but also for making exquisite desserts.

Bergamots. These incredibly fragrant citrus fruits are mainly used for essential oils. The fruit has a very intense flavour, so it is not eaten very often, however, it can be included in delicious hot or cold recipes, especially considering the vitamin content found in its flesh. In fact, bergamot is very rich in vitamins and minerals. Its juice can be used to enhance the aroma of dishes or to make juices and smoothies, while the flesh can be added to salads and the skin can be used for decorating desserts.

Potatoes. With spring just around the corner, potatoes simply have to be in our recipes. Their versatility for cooking and high energy content make this tuber the perfect partner for tackling the final cooler month with soft soups, crispy roast potatoes and creamy puréed soups.

Grapefruit. Incredibly rich in vitamin C, grapefruit can be yellow or pink and therefore more sour or sweeter, depending on the variety. Grapefruit can be eaten fresh, with sugar to make it less bitter, it can be squeezed into juice or added to salads and fruit salads. It can be used in hot dishes and is excellent with fish but even better for accompanying desserts.

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