Romagnoli F.lli Spa renews its IFS Food certification

For the seventh year running, we have achieved IFS Food certification (an aspect which at our company is overseen by Grazia Romagnoli) for all activities relating to the processing of our products made at our production plant in Molinella (province of Bologna), with a score of 98.61% (Higher level).

New potatoes: the plants are growing as normal

Due to the substantial rain that has hit the province of Syracuse, the new potato sowing campaign in the area has been split into two separate stages - the first one from mid-October to early December and the second one from late December to mid-January - which will most likely be reflected in their market release date.

Romagnoli F.lli “Residue-Free” potatoes: innovation in the name of agroecology

Following their launch on the market at the start of the year, Romagnoli F.lli S.p.A. èVita Residue-Freepotatoes, born out of the combination of resistant varieties and environmentally friendly growing techniques, are now being grown in the most suitable areas of Italy to guarantee consumers a safe and sustainable product all year round, made with respect for natural resources and biodiversity.

Romagnoli F.lli and Gialle & Co.: a partnership all about flavour

The partnership between Romagnoli F.lli Spa and Gialle & Co. is under way. The latter is a restaurant in Milan famous for giving one of the most typical British dishes an Italian twist – the baked potato – filled with typical traditional, authentic and seasonal ingredients and, from today, made using the best potato varieties supplied by Romagnoli F.lli.

Romagnoli F.lli Spa renews its IFS Food certification

With a score of 99.57/100, Romagnoli F.lli Spa is continuing to receive qualifications for its work, having renewed its International Featured Standards (IFS) processing certification for its plant in Molinella (BO). It achieved an excellent result (Higher level), which was better than the previous audit.

Italian potato excellence

Italy is renowned for its vast wealth of gastronomical treasures, which is revered around the world. But alongside the most famous productions, there are less-known products that are equally representative of wonderful local traditions.

Potato 2.0: the future is here

It is now possible to use your smartphone to analyse different potato cultivations, and also to get real-time information on soil temperature, moisture and CO2 levels by planting an electronic potato among the tubers.

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