Food potatoes

èVita Residue-free potatoes

èVita Residue-free potatoes

Yellow potatoes perfect for all uses, from 100% italian supply chain

Romagnoli F.lli S.p.A. èVita Residue-Free* potatoes are grown using coded farming practices with very low-residue chemical molecules, which help produce a product that balances protecting crops, the environment and people’s health.

“Residue-Free” certification, issued by the Check Fruit organisation, has been achieved thanks to a research process carried out together with Legambiente, which started by selecting the most suitable production areas in Italy. Places where farmers are sensitive to issues of environmental sustainability and combine best farming practices with protecting natural resources to achieve this amazing result. èVita Residue-Free yellow potatoes are versatile and suitable for all uses.

Our products come exclusively from non-GMO crops.

Check Fruit is one of the leading independent monitoring bodies in Italy for the agri-food certification and inspection sector. Its requirements for specific neutrality, expertise and experience ensure it works properly.

*Chemical residues legally permitted under the limits of analytical determination (0.01 ppm) and residues of plant protection substances authorised for use in organic farming (pursuant to Annex II of EC Reg. 889/2008), up to a maximum of 50% of the Maximum Residue Limit.