XL Baking Potato


Extra-large pasteurised whole potatoes with skin.


  • Preparation at time of order, no waste

  • Saves time and work in kitchen

Customer satisfaction:

  • XL version of classic Baking Potato

  • All the taste of the traditional baked potato

  • From tasty side dish to main course


  • Ready to heat and serve in just a few minutes  

  • Easy to divide into portions, seasonable to taste




+1°C to +7°C - 78 days from production date shown on package.
+1°C to +7°C - 24 hours after opening.



IcoSingole Forno200°C 25 min.

Pre-heat the oven to 200°C.
Remove the product from the bag and place it in a pan. Cook for 25 minutes.
(Instructions for 6-10 kg of product).

IcoSingole MicroConf900W - 6 min. and 30 sec.
Punch holes in the bag divided in half (3 pieces) and put it in the microwave oven.
Heat for 6 minutes and 30 seconds at 900W.

IcoSingole MicroPatate900W - 2 min.
Heat the product (1 piece) for about 2 minutes at 900W.