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Romagnoli F.lli SpA is one of Italy's foremost processors and marketers of fruits and vegetables, especially potatoes.
Based in Bologna, its 65 employees work in modern systems and structures.

Romagnoli has a very extensive and innovative product line, offering the finest varieties of seed, food, organic, and ready-to-eat processed potatoes.

Romagnoli food potatoes come from fields most suitable for high-quality productions. They are grown, harvested, processed, and marketed according to the highest standards, guaranteed by constant checks during every step of the production process.
Our wide range of seed potatoes are all quality-certified.
The promotion and enhancement of Italian agricultural products is essential to our Company's policy.
We also provide technical consulting and constant support to farmers in order to make the entire chain more efficient and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
Our product line also includes onion and other fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, supervised in every step of the growing process, from farms of confirmed experience and reliability.

via Quarto di Sopra 1/7
40127 Bologna
Tel. 051 6069611
Fax. 051 6069608
PI 00768160376

Manufacturing plant
via Gino Gabusi, 7
40062 Molinella (BO)
Telefono: 051 6902901
Fax: 051 6902900

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For Romagnoli, the quality and safety of its products are fundamental, non-negotiable values.
Our Quality System is checked and certified by independent authorities such as CCPB (for organic growing) and NSF for IFS Food Standards and GLOBAL G.A.P.

In addition, we conduct numerous internal checks to improve our results and expertise, and to increase customer satisfaction.


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